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Packing of Conveyor Screws

LCL>FCL Loading of 7 Conveyor Screws into 1x 40ft HC together with other cargo for our West Africa based client, screws are placed onto a loading platform that allows the client to slide the cargo out of the container. This way no special equipment is required, such as mobile cranes, at destination. Together with this cargo there is space reserved for palletized cargo creating a LCL>FCL solution for the customer.

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Too large for a container?

Equipment measuring 330x65x270 CM would not fit into a container. Building a stand to tilt the cargo, in such way it fits the monthly departing 40ft High Cube containers for this client, reduced the transport costs greatly compared with handling it as coventional/break bulk load. Co-loaded with other purchases of the same client, LCL>FCL services.


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Oversized Project Cargo

Heavy and oversized equipment on its way to port of Antwerp. Automated height checker at Zeeburgertunnel (A10 Amsterdam) will be temporarily disabled to pass through.

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Porsche GT3 RS to Tokyo

This Porsche GT3 RS was flown to Tokyo to its new and first owner.

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Utrecht City canal delivery

Import & delivery of new furniture to downtown Utrecht, hard to do by truck, easy by vessel. In co-operation with the City of Utrecht, first of it’s kind and a great project.

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Mercedes S600 Maybach

This Mercedes S600 Maybach is sourced by Panavia on behalf of our client, Panavia was able to find the luxury car in stock at a Dutch trader making it available within 2 weeks from first request. The car measures 5246mm in length and 1899mm in width, fitting it into a 20ft container for transport had to be done with extreme care. Our third party packer secured the car to the container floor to prevent any damages.

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