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Every single shipment might mean the world to someone

Each word translates to commitment.

Our airfreight staff is known to operate at the speed of the spoken word where each word translates to commitment. Be it odd time, odd size, odd weight or odd place, we know every single shipment might mean the world to someone or a complete facility.

Our customers can select from a full menu of options.

Being independent enables us to offer our customers a wide selection of flight schedules to destinations around the globe. We are able to offer the services of the world's leading carriers, including commercial airlines, cargo-only aircrafts or chartered aircrafts against competitive rates.

Our service is the full service, we go the extra mile.

Our service can start before cargo readiness, we monitor progress at supplier for our clients or advise on maximum size and weight to a specific destination before sale or purchase. Our services can also include packing and pre-shipment inspections (PSI).

Panavia offers a global reach with a personal touch.

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Fast & reliable services

In some cases the job starts before the cargo is ready. Requirements vary from shipper, trader to consignee. We offer the full service. Monitoring cargo readiness for consignee, advising shippers for documentation and regulations, or helping traders collecting from their suppliers with a neutral delivery to their clients. Our team works as if they are part of your organisation.
We are trained to find the best possible route to destination and are able to use any available airline. As independent forwarder we are not limited to specific contracted routes, we are flexible, and we will find the solution that brings your cargo on time at its destination.
Your cargo might not be standard. Being extra height or lenght inside cargo-only aircrafts, temperature controlled environment or well secured under an all-risk cargo insurance. Let us explore the options and advise you.
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Going the extra mile and deliver your cargo to the doorstep? We offer that possibility with our worldwide network of dedicated agents.